Birthday Party Terms & Conditions

Nonrefundable Rental Rate: $250

An invoice for this nonrefundable fee will be issued at the time of the reservation. All payments and credit card information must be received within 24 hours of the invoice receipt or the reservation will be cancelled.

Change Fee: $50

No later than three business days prior to the date of the reservation may a request be submitted to change the reservation date or time. All requests are subject to availability and must be approved by Levy Park. An invoice for this nonrefundable fee will be issued at the time of the change request. Payment must be received within 24 hours of the invoice receipt or the reservation will be cancelled.

Damage Fees

Credit card information is due upon reservation date confirmation and will be held until a post-use evaluation of damages, if any, at the site is conducted. The user agrees to pay the Foundation, via charges to its credit card of record, for any repair or replacement costs for any Foundation property damaged by the user or its invitees, guests or vendors. Additionally, failure to adhere to your timeslot, exceeding 40 guests, violations of park rules, or violations of the reservation guidelines will result in a penalty fee of $250. Levy Park reserves the right to charge for all damages or penalties incurred up to 15 business days past your reservation. If there are no damages, Levy Park will delete the cardholder’s information from the secure system. 

Please note, the forfeiture of damage fees is not a waiver by Upper Kirby of any other remedies it may have in law or at equity.

Reservation Guidelines

  • All park rules and Children’s Park rules must be abided by.
  • The reserved space is open to the public outside of the time slots listed. There is a 15-minute grace period before and after your reservation time that can be used for set-up and breakdown of your party.
  • Unless prior permission has been granted, if no one has arrived at the pavilion within thirty minutes of the reservation time, the reservation will be canceled and the space forfeited.
  • In reserving the pavilion, the purchaser acknowledges the space is suitable for the Birthday Party. Reservations of the pavilion are “as is.”
  • Furniture within the party area may be moved and rearranged for the reservation, but it must be returned to its original state upon the conclusion of the party.
  • No more than 40 people are permitted within the reservation area.
  • No outside furniture or set up including: inflatables, carnival games, pinatas, DJs, tents, petting zoos, or anything requiring an electrical outlet.
  • All decorations must be contained within the party area; confetti, silly string, glitter and balloons of any kind are prohibited. Nothing can be affixed or attached to park signs, trees, plantings, fences, or structures.
  • Glass is prohibited within the park. All serve ware and decoration must be non-breakable.
  • While you can bring your own food, there is no onsite cooking within the park and food sales and/or food distribution to the public is prohibited. Open flames (including Sterno candles) and anything requiring an electrical outlet are prohibited.
  • Ice cannot be dumped in the flowerbeds, landscaping, or hardscape. Please contact the park team if you require assistance.
  • Reservations are rain or shine. If inclement weather is forecasted, a new party date can be requested up to three days prior to the reservation date.