Birthday Party Terms & Conditions

Nonrefundable Rental Rate: $350 – An invoice for this nonrefundable fee will be issued upon our staff’s receipt of the reservation request. Reservation fees and credit card information must be received within 48 hours of the invoice being sent or the reservation request will be denied with no further notice. For the reservation to be complete, you must save your credit card on file by checking the box: “Save my card on file with Upper Kirby District Foundation”. Reservations are rain or shine. If inclement weather is forecast, you must request a new reservation date no later than 10 a.m. on the Thursday preceding the reservation. Reservation dates cannot be changed after this date and time and refunds will not be issued. A nonrefundable date change fee of $50 will apply.

Date Change Fee: $50 – No later than 10 a.m. on the Thursday preceding the reservation, a request can be submitted to change the reservation date or time. Date changes can be made for any reason. All requests are subject to availability and must be approved by Levy Park. Upon written approval of the date change, the $50 change fee will be charged to your card on file.

Damages and Fees: Credit card information is required upon payment for your reservation  and will be held for up to 10 business days after your reservation date to allow a post-use evaluation of damages. The user agrees to pay the Foundation, via charges to its credit card of record, for any repair or replacement costs for any Foundation property damaged by the user or its invitees, guests or vendors. Additionally, failure to adhere to your timeslot, violations of park rules, or violations of the reservation guidelines will result in penalty fees up to $500. Levy Park reserves the right to charge for all damages or penalties incurred up to 10 business days past the reservation date. If there are no damages or violations of the terms, Levy Park will delete the cardholder’s information from the secure system. Please note, the forfeiture of damage fees is not a waiver by the Foundation of any other remedies it may have in law or at equity.

Additional Reservation Guidelines:

  • Guests at the Park are required to abide by all Park Rules and Children’s Park Rules.
  • Guests must follow all directions from park personnel.
  • Unless prior permission has been granted, if no one has arrived at the pavilion within thirty minutes of the reservation time, the reservation will be canceled and the space forfeited.
  • Balloons of any kind, confetti, silly string, glitter, and piñatas are prohibited.
  • There are 6 hooks, 19.5’ in total length, on the pavilion wall where lightweight banners and décor can be hung. Do not affix anything to the wall itself, signs, trees, plantings, fences, the column, or any other structure. Décor is limited to a lightweight banner and table top decorations.
  • No outside furniture or set up including: free-standing banners or décor, inflatables, carnival games, DJs, tents, petting zoos, or anything requiring an electrical outlet.
  • Vendors, such as face painters or characters, can be utilized. All vendor activity must align with park rules, utilize park furniture, be completely contained within the party area, and be counted as a part of the 50-person capacity.
  • Amplified sound (anything played from a speaker) is prohibited.
  • Glass is prohibited within the park. All serve ware and decoration must be non-breakable.
  • While you can bring your own food, there is no onsite cooking within the park and food sales and/or food distribution to the public is prohibited. You can work with caterers for food delivery. Food trucks and food carts are prohibited for birthday parties. 
  •  Open flames, including birthday candles and Sterno candles, are prohibited.
  • Outside alcohol is prohibited. 
  • Ice cannot be dumped in the flowerbeds, landscaping, or hardscape. There is a designated drain for ice disposable, please contact the park team for assistance.
  • While furniture within the pavilion can be moved during the party, the space and the furniture must be restored to the condition in which it was received at the conclusion of the reservation. Please contact the park team if you require assistance.
  • Reservations of the Children’s Park Family Pavilion are “as is” and that Levy Park has no obligations to modify or improve the space.