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Japan Junction

4:30 pm


July 3: “The Oni Who Sank to the Bottom of the Sea” and Harie “Great Wave”

Surrounded by the sea and blessed by its bounty, Japan regularly celebrates the national holiday “Marine Day,” which falls on July 15 this year.

Join us for a kamishibai reading of “Umi ni Shizunda Oni” or “The Oni Who Sank to the Bottom of the Sea” featuring a kind-hearted oni, or ogre, and his son who worked to save a local village from being washed away by the ocean.

This summer, JASH is celebrating the Meiji Era, a time when Japanese culture was introduced to foreign countries across the ocean. One of the most impactful styles of art during the Meiji Period was Ukiyo-e, also known as “pictures of the floating world”, which amazed and inspired artists around the world.

Following the kamishibai performance, make your own dynamic wave artwork inspired by Hokusai’s ukiyo-e masterpiece, “The Great Wave”!